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December 30, 2008


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it has been a big issue, but one should facilitate students...

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libraries are always very close to my heart, as i love book and to read them is always fun. it is a good blog and the issue raised is also good.

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I also have the habit of forgetting things and specially like books that I have borrowed from the library of my college.

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I was surprised to see this piece of information about the public library entry fee.

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Some sort of a consideration for the graveyard workers.

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I hate to see fees in libraries and in general :)

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Believe me!!! I have been trying hard to write articles for my college magazine, but haven’t been very successful in my endeavor. But, after reading your article I wish to study more on the same subject and give out my best.


Only tangentially related, but this reminds me of the different approaches in utility billing here in New Zealand. Most of the electricity companies give a 5% discount if you pay on or before the due date. The telecommunications monopoly, Telecom, charges $12.50 extra the moment you're late. Guess who is hated more?

The end result is the same (pay early, pay less) - but one approach encourages you to pay early, the other punishes you for being late.

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