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January 03, 2009


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Apple is the best company in the world, I love iPad 2 and iPhone 4 :)

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The apple company is classic monopol.


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Apple has always been smart in its marketing strategies.
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Too many people have access to making iPhone and android apps. It's a diluted market and something is going to have to change for developers to become successful at it. Honestly, I only use a handful of apps regularly.

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I'm waiting for the Iphone 5 just a few more months.

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Isn't this pretty much the same thing Microsoft has done over the years with Windows? People who bought Windows apps, especially custom written apps, had to stay with Windows to use them...

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security cameras can be viewed via Iphone or Ipad

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I heard ipad 2 has been released.

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Apple is losing it's market share to Android. Recently, I read where Android apps are going to be made universal. This may be the death sentence for iPhone app developers.

I recommend staying on top of the industry and keep your eyes peeled for multiple platforms coming into the main stream.

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